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June 15, 2024
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Leader of the PAC
No, it’s not a typo.  I’m not talking about the Shangri-Las 1964 hit…I’m talking about Political Action Committees. 
There is a longtime sibling rivalry between cops and firefighters.  We love to complain about the great schedules, state-of-the-art equipment and enviable salaries that the “hose-draggers” receive.  When people ask me why the guys in the red helmets do so much better than we do as a rule, only one answer comes to mind: political action. 
Firefighters are renowned for their ability to turnout their members to campaign for the candidates they support.  Their backing is one of the most coveted endorsements in the political world.  They make sure that their members and spouses get out and vote.  And, their members add campaign financing to their political arsenal by donating generously to their union PAC’s.  
Like our Association, the firefighters union bases their political backing on the candidate’s support for their issues, not their political party.  Knowing that a group will crossover and support either party gets the attention of politicians who know that they can compete for your affections. 
The big difference is that the firefighters and other unions are able to more dramatically affect the outcome of elections for their chosen candidates.  Campaigns are expensive and politicians don’t forget who helped them get into office.  That doesn’t mean you always get your way but it does mean you always get in the door to tell your story. 
At 1,200 members, the SLPOA could become one of the most influential organizations in Missouri politics overnight.  If every member donated just $5.00 a month to the PAC, it would generate over $70,000 per year.  For the price of a beer and a tip at your favorite tavern, you could make a big difference in the Association’s ability to flex its political muscle. 
Before I ever went to the members and asked them to make a commitment to the PAC, I thought it was important that the President, Vice-President, Legislative Chair and Business Manager sign-up for the monthly PAC donation first.  That has already happened and I plan to ask the entire Executive Board to do the same at the next meeting. 
We’re adding a link to the SLPOA website that will allow you to set-up a recurring monthly donation from your credit card to the SLPOA PAC with one click of the mouse.  I also plan to get around to roll calls to handout forms that can be used to donate if you’re not internet savvy and to answer any questions about the PAC or the Association’s political activities. 
So, give yourself the gift of political influence for Christmas.  Elected officials make hundreds of decisions every year that affect you as a police officer and a citizen.  It’s time to make sure that the people who serve in those positions appreciate your service. 

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