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October 22, 2016
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What's New at SLPOA FOP LODGE 68
Edward Davis Plea Hearing


Edward Davis, the individual who blocked Sgt. Charles Lowe in with his vehicle when Sgt. Lowe was shot, has a plea hearing on October 6th, 2016 at 9AM in Division 13 of the St. Louis Circuit Court.

All are welcome to attend.

September 2016 Gendarme
The September 2016 edition of The Gendarme is available online now.
Download: Gendarme 091216 WS.pdf
August 2016 Gendarme
The August 2016 edition of The Gendarme is available online now.
Download: Gendarme 081216 WS.pdf
Tomorrow's primary will determine YOUR future. 
We could end up with a circuit attorney who is committed to prosecuting criminals or we could end up with one that will only be interested in prosecuting crime victims like you. When you have to defend yourself when a criminal tries to kill or injure you, you shouldn't have to worry about being prosecuted but that's exactly what will happen if we don't join together to support Mary Pat Carl for Circuit Attorney.


This race is down to just two candidates, Mary Pat Carl and Kim Gardner. Patrick Hammacher is running a distant third in the polls and CAN NOT win. A vote for Hammacher is a wasted vote that will only help Kim Gardner. And Hammacher has gotten very chummy with anti-police activists like Bruce Franks and Meghan Green. 


Kim Gardner is supported by the chief funder of the Ferguson Protests, George Soros. As a state representative, Gardner filed one piece of anti-police legislation after another and she has said that she will bring in a special prosecutor every time a police officer is accused of wrongdoing. In Baltimore, that sort of overly-aggressive political prosecution led to the FOP Lodge there DOUBLING ITS MEMBERSHIP DUES! 




SHERIFF – Joe Vaccaro (D)
GOVERNOR - Chris Koster (D)
LT. GOVERNOR - Mike Parson in Republican Primary / Russ Carnahan in Democrat Primary
STATE TREASURER - Eric Schmitt (R)
SENATE DISTRICT 1 – Scott Sifton (D)
SENATE DISTRICT 15 – Rick Stream (R)
SENATE DISTRICT 23 – Anne Zerr (R)
HOUSE DISTRICT 69 – Jerry Burke (D)
HOUSE DISTRICT 76 Joshua Peters (D)
HOUSE DISTRICT 77 Steve Roberts (D)
HOUSE DISTRICT 78 Penny V. Hubbard (D
HOUSE DISTRICT 79 Michael Butler (D)
HOUSE DISTRICT 80 Peter Merideth (D)
HOUSE DISTRICT 81 Alfred (Fred) Wessels (D)
HOUSE DISTRICT 82 Donna M.C. Baringer (D)
HOUSE DISTRICT 104 – Kathie Conway (R)
HOUSE DISTRICT 106 Chrissy Sommer (R)
HOUSE DISTRICT 108 Jeff Schwentker (R)
Please vote for SLPOA endorsed candidate MARY PAT CARL for St. Louis Circuit Attorney on Tuesday, August 2nd. 
This is quite possibly the most critical city election for our members in a generation. 
Mary Pat is a seasoned prosecutor who has proven herself to be fair-minded and just.
Her main opponent, Kim Gardner, just accepted a huge campaign donation from an organization funded by George Soros who almost single-handedly funded the protests in Ferguson that turned violent and placed the lives of police and innocent civilians in grave danger. Gardner also co-sponsored several anti-police bills during her time in the Missouri legislature.
One of her other opponents, Patrick Hammacher, has recently aligned himself with Bruce Franks, an anti-police protestor and activist. 
Mary Pat Carl is law enforcement's endorsed candidate. Her opponents are dangerously anti-police and will threaten the balance of law and order in our city.
If you are a police officer or a law enforcement supporter who lives in St. Louis, please pull a Democratic primary ballot on August 2nd and cast your vote for law and order...VOTE FOR MARY PAT CARL!
Attention SLPOA members & retirees who live in St. Charles County:
DON'T BE DECEIVED! Things are heating up in the election for House District 108 which covers parts of O'Fallon, Wentzville & Lake St. Louis. One of the candidates is misrepresenting the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police. That's dirty pool. That's dirty politics! Let there be no mistake JEFF SCHWENTKER is the FOP Endorsed Candidate in House District 108. Show politicians once and for all that we are tired of dirty tricks and vote for Republican Jeff Schwentker for State Representative on Tuesday, August 2nd. AND WHILE YOU'RE AT IT, the FOP has also endorsed Republican Anne Zerr for Senate District 23 in St. Charles County. Anne has been one of law enforcement's best friends in the legislature. Please, vote for Republican Anne Zerr for State Senator on Tuesday August 2nd.
REMINDER All SERGEANTS- Beer, Brats, and Bargaining
ATTENTION SLMPD SERGEANTS (Members & Non-Members) Please Join Us For Beer, Brats & Bargaining A lunch forum in preparation for Union Contract negotiations on behalf of SLMPD Police Sergeants between the SLPOA and the City of St. Louis Friday, July 15th at 11:30 am SLPOA Hall – 3710 Hampton Ave. Admission is free – All sergeants are welcomed The SLPOA Labor Lawyer and Bargaining Team will be on hand to answer questions and take input
July 2016 Gendarme
The July 2016 edition of The Gendarme is available online now.
Download: Gendarme 070116 WS.pdf
Local Law Enforcement And Community Come Together To Mourn Slain Dallas Police Officers

The local Blue Lives Matter chapter along with the St. Louis Police Wives Association, the St. Louis Police Officers Association, the St. Louis County Police Association and other law enforcement support groups have come together to put on the event scheduled for July 9 at 6:30 pm at Life Church at 1416 Larkin Williams Road in Fenton.

Police officials from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, the St. Louis County Police Department, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol have all been invited to attend. All police officers, police supporters and members of the general public are encouraged to attend as well. A number of elected officials have expressed interest in attending and all elected officeholders are invited and encouraged to attend regardless of party affiliation.

Jeff Roorda, Business Manager of the St. Louis Police Officers Association and former Missouri state representative, said that even Black Lives Matter activists and politicians who have spoken out against police are welcomed to come join in fellowship and somber remembrance of the lives lost in Dallas. "This is a chance for us to come together as a community and begin to turn the corner on all of the hatred and loss of life that we're experiencing right now," Roorda said.

NIJ 2015 Homicide Study Report
The 2015 homicide increase in the nation’s large cities was real and nearly unprecedented, according to a report released this morning by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).
In the report, Documenting and Explaining the 2015 Homicide Rise: Research Directions, Richard Rosenfeld, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Missouri – St. Louis, observed the scale of the homicide increase for a sample of 56 large U.S. cities.
He anticipates the year-end 2015 homicide rate for this sample will be close to a 16.8 percent rise over 2014. As a comparison, between 2004 and 2006, national violent crime rates rose by 3.5 percent and homicide rates increased by 5.4 percent.
Rosenfeld examined three plausible explanations of the homicide rise: an expansion of urban drug markets fueled by the heroin epidemic, reductions in incarceration resulting in a growing number of released prisoners and a “Ferguson effect” resulting from widely publicized incidents of police use of deadly force against minority citizens.
He notes the timing of the increase provides stronger support for the Ferguson effect explanation than for explanations attributing the homicide rise to expanding drug markets or declining imprisonment.
The full report is attached below, and can also be found here:
Download: 249895.pdf

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