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June 15, 2024
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Officers Deserving a Spotlight



SLPOA will periodically SPOTLIGHT members selected by their Division Representatives who have epitomized the role of Police Officer, Association Member or Volunteer.

The SLPOA would like to recognize the heroics of the SLMPD officers who bravely entered the Central Visual & Performing Arts High School on October 24th 2022, and put an end to the school shooting. The officers who responded saved untold lives on October 24, 2022. SLPOA wants to recognize the following officers for their key role in the response:

Captain Michael J. Mueller, 32 years of service

Sergeant Darnell C. Dandridge, 29 years of service

Detective Michael Matthews, 25 years of service

Sergeant Matthew Simpson, 20 years of service

Police Officer William J. Stevenson, 16 years of service

Police Officer Luke Kallal, 15 years of service

Detective Andrei Nikolov, 12 years of service

Police Officer Brian Hayes, 6 years of service

Police Officer Brian M. Foster, 5 years of service

Police Officer Trevor D. Krepps, 3 years of service

Police Officer Samuel J. Leible, 1 year of service



Previous Spotlighted Officers:

This month, the SLPOA would like to recognize the following officers who will recieve the Medal of Valor, given by the Crusade Against Crime in America at their 42nd annual awards ceremony. The officer’s nominations were reviewed and selected for recognition by a panel of citizens from our community. Congratulations to the following Officers!

Officer Daryl Hall (posthumously)

Officer Lucas Roethlisberger

Officer Luke Kallal

Officer Phillip Anderson

Officer Brent Fincher

Officer James Frost

Officer Tiffany Porter

Officer Marco Christlieb

Detective William Helbling

Agent John Perry, US Marshal Service, (posthumously)

Agent Theodore Abegg, US Marshal Service


This month, the SLPOA is honored to spotlight Police Officer Lucas Roethlisberger and Police Officer Luke Kallal, both assigned to District Eight.

On October 13th, 2010 shortly after 10:00pm, Officers Roethlisberger and Kallal were conducting a traffic stop in the 4800 block of Enright Avenue. During this stop, the front seat passener exited the vehicle and began shooting at the officers, striking Officer Roethlisberger in the neck and elbow, and striking Officer Kallal in the thigh. Both officers returned fire, striking the suspect before he was able to flee from the scene. The suspect was later arrested at a nearby location.

The SLPOA wishes a speedy recovery to both Officer Roethlisberger and Officer Kallal.


This month, the SLPOA is honored to spotlight Police Officer Joseph Haman. On Thursday, May 27th, Officer Haman was injured in the line of duty while conducting a traffic stop at North Grand Boulevard and Natural Bridge Avenue. During the stop, one of the occupants began shooting at Officer Haman striking him several times before fleeing the scene.

Last year, Officer Haman was named Fifth District Officer of the Year. Before serving the City of St. Louis as a police officer, Officer Haman served two tours in Iraq with the United States Marine Corps.

The SLPOA wishes Officer Haman a speedy recovery.



This month the SLPOA pays tribute to Police Officer David Haynes, who was killed in the line of duty on March 24, 2010.  This is a loss not only to Officer Haynes' family and this police department, but to the citizens of the city that he bravely served.


Officer Haynes was killed in an automobile accident while pursuing a burglary suspect. 


Officer Haynes, who had one year of service to the city of St. Louis, earned a Chief's Letter of Commendation for arresting a bank robbery suspect. 


Officer Haynes also proudly served his country in Iraq and Afghanistan as a member of the United States Marine Corps.


The SLPOA thanks Officer Haynes you for his service to our country and the city of St. Louis.





We would like to salute the following Officers who are bravely serving our country in the Armed Services.  Please Recognize:


John E. Baumgartner

Joseph R. Carretero  

Owen M. Hill

David B. Jones

Jared A. Krumm

Robert W. Orton 

Walter Schultz 

Marcos Silva

Paul B. Simmons



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